About Us

Customer First, Branding Last. 

Every woman looks her best when she’s happy. For that reason, our Gatsby formula is designed to give you that look of health, vitality, happiness and joy. 

Our secret is that we talk and listen to our customers to learn. This is the very reason how we have been able to continually improve the Gatsby formula. 

And with a better product, our customers are able to get them better results.

Since Gatsby is proudly produced and made in New York, we are able to source the finest of the finest ingredients to serve you. Instead of churning out a new product every season, we offer only one amazing product.

If you've never heard of us before, it's because our marketing budget is very limited. Naturally, quality ingredients comes at a cost and it limits the reach of our brand. 

While most brands are spending 85% of their time and money on marketing, leaving just 15% for their products and customers. We do it the other way. We choose to delight our small base of customers and make them feel very happy. 

If you're a happy customers, we love to hear about your experience. You can reach us at hello@gatsbycos.com.

If you're unhappy with the products, we're sorry. We would also love to hear about your experience. You can reach us at the same email for a full refund (up to 180 days).